I first picked up a camera when a friend introduced me to photography a few years ago and it's all downhill from there. I was hooked, it became my obsession, my passion.

Being an introvert, photography got me out of my shell. It also allowed me to see in a new and different light. It allowed me to appreciate the small things that I never noticed before. It's like a whole new world opened up right before my eyes. 

My early years as a photographer was part time shooting weddings for a wedding chapel, friend's weddings, events, and portraits. I learned so much working at a wedding chapel; working in a fast paced environment with very strict time constraints and in not so ideal lighting situations.


It's important to me that my clients are relaxed and having fun because how they feel during the shoot translates to their photos. I enjoy shooting in natural light. I would describe my shooting style as Editorial, Photojournalistic, Fun, Romantic. I keep this in mind during the session to make sure that I'm true to myself and gives my clients variety of images.

Besides photography, I love to travel, coffee, sushi, Netflix, oh and coffee... And when I'm not working, my two kids (Zoe and Olivia) keeps me and my lovely wife entertained... Enjoy some of their photos below... :D